2022 GCA"Snacks with Santa" 

HERE IS A VERY BIG THANK YOU….to all who helped make Snacks with Santa a success! Although it was advertised at the school, in the North Bay Review, and the Horton Hall Billboard, this fun event was lightly attended this year by both GCA members and children. SNOW and poor road conditions kept many away and almost kept Santa away! (See Santa's Rescue story below). 

After a harrowing adventure, Santa finally arrived on a fire truck, a little late, but this gave time for the children’s anticipation to grow! They were very excited!

Mike Fish and Jan Hillesland provided some lively music. The children sang, the adults sang... it was a jolly affair, and everyone had a great time!

We also had wonderful elves from Grapeview School helping under Katie Alverts’ direction. Some school parents even helped us clean up afterwards. (I gave them forms to join our group!) and of course I can always rely on our stalwart members who just know how to help make our events a success! I had a lot of great helpers! The hall looked great. It had been decorated by the Beach Combers Garden club on Friday.

The leftover cookies were taken home by the elves and by Bonnie, who packaged and delivered them to the HUB for their Sunday dinner. Twenty-five toys were distributed. We’ll save the rest for next year. Delighted to report we made a lot of kids happy...and their parents too!


Santa’s Rescue! An Elaborated (mostly true) Christmas Tale 

‘Twas early one morn, the coffee was just pourn, when what should occur but a ring most urgent, with news most forlorn. “Santa is stuck,” the caller relayed, “stuck in the snow at his home far, far way!” “What!“ came the response, coffee swaying the cup, “how, how, can, can this be?”

Snow was the word, SNOW up to Santa’s knees.

What would they do, these guardians of Santa? The arrangements were made, the hall greened fully, the cookies arriving…and the children… the children…just now stirring, raised from their sleep by parents and promises, promises of seeing Santa today. Promises the guardians must keep!

“We must unstick Santa!” the guardians cried in unison, “Unstick him we will! But how was the question. No Rudolph stood by to guide the way…a local deer was asked, but he could not fly. “Oh, what will we do, what indeed, to save Santa?”

From Rudolph they switched to a steed of another breed, a four by four, steady, sturdy, and with traction and speed. They pulled in behind a local patrol car, and off they flew, dodging downed trees and stranded cars. “Will we make it?” they asked, flying through the snow, “We are already here,” they gasped, their noses aglow!

This tale ends, as you guessed it, with Santa and the children at Horton Hall, laughing, gifts given, all manner of cookies eaten to the fullest. The elves made it too, mischievous as always, and carols, on-tune, were sung. Best of all: The Promises were kept to the Children. And the moment was saved by the loyal, courageous, and creative guardians of Santa.

The End