2022 GCA"Holiday Giving Tree" 

HERE IS A VERY BIG THANK YOU….To all who helped make our 2022 Holiday Giving Tree a success!    

We supported 3 families with about 50 gifts, delivered prettily wrapped and on time!  The Grapeview school staff and the families were very thankful!

The most impressive and heartwarming gift though was a refrigerator!  I threw out the family’s request at the November meeting just in case someone had a ‘used unused’ refrigerator to donate, but….........

..........several members got together and communicated, measured, shopped, begged for discounts and delivered a brand new refrigerator to the school family!  This gift made the family cry!   I cannot thank all involved enough for all your efforts!  Such a wonderful spirit of giving and working together!

Your generosity has really helped several families in our community who are less fortunate than us. The knowledge that their Holiday season has been improved by our efforts is truly heartwarming and humbling.

Thank you for all you’ve done to make the GCA Giving Tree a success once again!