GCA Contacts


GCA 2019 Board Members

The Grapeview Community Association Board of Directors will meet on the first Thursday of every even month (the week before the "Second Friday" membership social/potluck meetings.)

Board Meetings begin at 10:00 am in the Horton Community Center. Community Association members are invited to attend.  Please direct inquiries by mail or e-mail to the following address:

Grapeview Community Association
P. O. Box 355
Grapeview, Washington  98546


Board Members - 2019 (elected)

President Leslie Blaisdell 360-226-7693 Click to Email
Vice-President Bonnie Townsley 360-801-5040 Click to Email
Secretary Robbin Dunn 206-295-7757 Click to Email
Treasurer Macky McClung 907-321-3352 Click to Email
Trustee (2018-2019) Mike Fish 360-277-3520 Click to Email
Trustee (2019-2020) Terry Biggs 360-275-8071 Click to Email
Past President Barry Kirkeeng 360-275-5505 Click to Email


Chairpersons of Standing Committees

Fundraising Events Louise Okonek 360-275-2542 no email
Member Events Linda Fish


Click to Email
Membership Debbie Olig 406-223-7309 Click to Email
  Dan Peel 360-426-6433 Click to Email
Community Outreach Michele Hecht 410-598-7258 Click to Email
Communications/Newsletter Margaret (Marlee) Campbell 360-275-6165 Click to Email


Also Serving GCA: 

Historian/Photographer Jack Holl 469-223-0868 Click to Email
Phone/Potluck Coordinator Linda Fish 360-277-3520 Click to Email
Website Design & Updates Mike Blaisdell 253-377-0336 Click to Email
Web Hosting Cody Walbaum 360-277-5757 Click to Email