Grapeview Water & Art Festival

Vendor Showcase

Earlier this year, the GCA Board Members and the Water & Art Festival Committee made the difficult decision to cancel the 2021 Water & Art Festival, scheduled for July 24th, 2021.  The event requires months of planning and preparations by our volunteer members.  With so much uncertainty going forward due to the COVID-19 virus, we were unable to begin those efforts.

To show our support for the wonderful artists and vendors who support our festival, we wanted to offer them a way to showcase their unique, affordable, hand-made items and artwork.

So, welcome to the 2021 Grapeview Water & Art Festival Vendor Showcase!

Please visit (click on the tabs below the Water & Arts Logo) and enjoy the items offered for purchase by the local artisans featured in the showcase.  Links to their websites, Etsy stores, Facebook pages, or email have been included along with a note from the artist, and a few images to give you an idea of the beautiful, unique works of art they produce.

We thank you in advance for supporting our vendors and the arts in our community!

We look forward to bringing the Grapeview Water & Art Festival back to our community on July 23, 2022 - So Save the Date!

** Note: Due to scheduling availability with the Marina, the festival will be held on the 4th Saturday in 2022, not the traditional last Saturday of July.


Arcadia Woodworks

Artist: Charlie Walsh

I love to design and build useful items. The birdhouses (made from recycled cedar fence) and the harvest baskets are my two newest products. I also make drying racks for ziplock bags and wood boxes for salt or treasures.

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Beachwalk Jewelry

Artist: Alice Taylor

Alice Taylor creates earrings, pendants, bracelets, and rings predominately from sterling silver and sea glass that she personally finds on our beaches.  As sea glass is a finite resource, it becomes more difficult to find each day.  Because of this, Alice is branching out to include beach rocks and found objects in her jewelry.  Not all her current pieces are shown on her website.  She is happy to arrange a studio visit to those vaccinated by contacting her through her website.

About Alice:  Alice Taylor lives in a small beach house along Puget Sound, Washington with her husband, Charlie.  Beach-walks, sea glass collecting, jewelry making, family and friends, gardening, kayaking, reading, road-trips to national parks and the occasional theatre and museum-date to the city, make for a good life.

Alice hopes that every time someone puts on her jewelry, she or he is reminded of a special experience, be it on the beach or in the city.


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Artist: Vicki Phillips
Blog site:
Etsy site:

I learned how to make pine needle baskets in 1986 and have had a passion for this craft ever since.  A bit of my spirit goes into each of my one-of-a-kind basket creations.  I hope my baskets will provide some of the peace and happiness they bring me as I am making them.  After all of these years, I am still amazed at how something as simple as a bundle of pine needles can be transformed into something useful and beautiful.  My baskets are an eclectic collection based on many years of self-taught experimentation of playing with pine needles!  Enjoy!

Gallery Images

“Nature’s Majesty"
“Wild Air”, “Star Of Wonder” (back) and “Summer Pond”


Inspired Design

Artist: Gerry Strong
Facebook Page:

I feature one-of-a-kind jewelry: semi-precious stones, metal, leather.  I also offer tumbled stones and rough-cut stones. New this year are hand-painted watercolor greeting cards and unique bookmarks.

My background is in graphic design.  I was graphic designer for several Chamber of Commerce publications in the San Jose Bay Area.  My interest in design has taken me from candles to furniture, and now to jewelry and painting.

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Sassy Antique Sox

Artist: James Anderson
Phone: 360.427.8701

Knitted "superwash" wool blend socks! 

Knitted using a cast iron 1920's era hand-cranked Circular Sock Machine.

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