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Holiday Gift Fest Auction

Online Now!  The Grapeview PTA's "Holiday Gift Fest Fundraiser" auction is open for bids from Monday November 23rd through Saturday November 28th.  Log on to the website and browse all the amazing things they are auctioning off to support the Grapeview students, teachers, staff and community.

Items include: Gift Baskets, Getaway Packages, Gift Certificates, Weber Grill, Jewelry, Oakley & Ray Ban Sunglasses and so much more...something for everyone on your list this year.

Message from the GCA President

Fall is in full swing and it is hard to believe we are heading into the holiday season. We have not been able to hold our Friday Events, but the GCA Board has been busy navigating a new way of doing things.

This month we had to figure out how to hold our election of officers, which is required in November, pursuant to our bylaws. This year’s membership vote will happen via email. Please see the article ON PAGE 2 of the November Newsletter on how to cast your vote.

Additionally, we have been working on a way to go “virtual” with our annual Giving Tree. We have come up with a solution and instead of tags on a tree at the fire hall, we will have a web-link to an online sign-up list. As soon as Michele H has the final list, we will email the link to our members. We will also post the link to our website.

Lastly, we are working on a solution for our newsletter.  Since we have been unable to fill our Newsletter Editor Position, we will have to discontinue the emailed monthly newsletter.  Beginning in January, we will be posting all GCA information and news on the website.  Stay tuned for details coming soon.

Wishing you all continued health and happiness.

Leslie B

2020 Holiday Giving Tree

The GCA will continue the tradition of having a "Holiday Giving Tree" this year.  We are in the process of identifying the needs of some families through the Grapeview School. 

Due to the COVID-19 and the need to limit social interaction, this year we will use a form on the website and email messaging to assist members in selecting a gift, that they would like to donate, for a child in need. 

Exact details will be forthcoming in the December Newsletter and on the website!

Snacks with Santa Update

We have had to cancel Snacks with Santa this year due to Covid-19. It is unfortunate but we need to keep our community safe.


Community Outreach Update

NOMINATIONS FOR DESERVING COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS: This is the time of the year when we plan our annual giving to the Community.  Organizations we have helped in the past are asked to fill out a request form online from the website or by mail.  If you know of a deserving organization that should be considered this year, please let them know to apply through the website at

DONATING TO COMMUNITY OUTREACH & OUR SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM:    The Grapeview Community Association has a long tradition of giving back to the greater Grapeview / North Mason County community, and we continue to honor that tradition year after year. We are proud of our community and our wonderful volunteers and their commitment to aid those in need; and support programs that strengthen our communities.

Through special events like the annual GCA Crab Feed and the annual Water & Art Festival, and our 50/50 raffles, GCA is able to support our local community.  Cancellation of these events and our meetings has severely impacted our fundraising for the year which means we will have little to give in 2021 through our Community Outreach and Scholarship programs.

Some members have asked if they can send a donation for these two programs and the answer is a resounding YES! The needs of our community are even greater as so many families have been impacted by Covid19 shutdowns and job loss.

So, if your 50/50 raffle money is burning a hole in your pocket, please feel free to send your donation to: Grapeview Community Association, PO Box 355, Grapeview, WA 98546, and indicate which program you would like your donation to support. 

Please have a healthy and safe Thanksgiving!
Michele H, Chair Outreach


2021 GCA Crab Feed Update

Thanks to all who reserved tickets for the 2021 GCA Crab Feed.

** As a reminder - Checks are Due to Phil Stewart by the end of November

    • Tickets are $35.00 each.
    • Prior to December 1, 2020 -- please send your checks PAYABLE TO GCA to:
        Phil Stewart
        POB 403
        Grapeview, WA 98546

We will create an alphabetical list rather than issue tickets for all paid participants and use this to dispense crab on Saturday February 6, 2021. Checks will be forwarded to Macky McClung, GCA Treasurer.  The time is still being decided upon, but most likely, barring any weather concerns, it will be early afternoon. Should weather (read snow) be forecast into February, we may move the distribution date back into January rather than further into February.

We will handout the crab somewhere behind the MCFD#3 buildings.  The lineup will start along the Grapeview Loop Road shoulder in front of the old store.  Cars will be directed across the intersection, around the East side of the Horton Center, then behind the buildings to tents set up for distribution.  Upon receipt of the crab, cars will be directed back onto the Loop Road.  We hope to have everyone home before dark.

Thank you,

Phil Stewart, Co-Chair 2021 GCA Crab Feed

Membership & Volunteer Update

As we near the end of the year 2020 it’s time once again to renew your GCA Membership.  It is also that time of year where we look to update and expand our list of Volunteers.

The GCA would not be complete without our volunteers who not only help make the Grapeview area a great place to live, but make a difference in our great community.  We cannot thank our volunteers enough for all the hard work and dedication they put into making GCA a great organization!

As you can imagine, we have many tasks that must be managed, and having a strong team of volunteers serving on committees keep things working more efficiently.  If you have not had the chance to volunteer, we hope you’ll want to join with your GCA neighbors to volunteer, meet new friends, and contribute to our community.  Volunteering comes in several forms like volunteering on events, projects, committees or the GCA Board.  It can be as little as giving a couple of hours for a "one and done" or more if you like.  Regardless of how you may choose to volunteer, you will find volunteering on GCA activities an enjoyable and fulfilling thing to do.

So, when you send in your membership check please consider volunteering!  Make sure to check the boxes to indicate which activity (or activities) you are willing to volunteer for.  Also, please indicate if your contact information has changed since 2019-2020. The new membership form is available HERE.

Just print it off, fill it out, and mail to the address indicated on the form.



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