Grapeview Area Theft Alert!

Heads up neighbors…. There have been multiple reports of break-ins, thefts, and suspicious people casing the Grapeview-Allyn area.  A neighbor on Stretch Island reported his boat was broken into and boat keys and life vests stolen.  Another neighbor saw someone in a yellow kayak at 8:45pm recently taking pictures of homes and boats from the water.  We’ve also heard of increased thefts in the Lakeland area.  Be aware.  If you see something say something.  You can always call the non emergency number to report suspicious activity. 

Non-Emergency Dispatch: 360.426.4441

Crime Prevention Tips

Check the Doors and Locks 

  • Make sure outside doors - in your home and outbuildings - are solid wood or metal and have dead bolt locks.
  • Use the locks!
  • Secure sliding glass doors with commercially available locks or with a broomstick or wooden dowel in the track to jam the door in case someone tries to pry it open. Insert screws in the upper track going into the fixed frame, to prevent anyone from lifting the door from its track.
  • Secure double-hung windows by sliding bolt or nail through a hole drilled at a downward angle in each top corner of the inside sash and part way through the outside sash. Secure basement windows well.

Check the Outside 

  • Keep your house, driveway, barns, and other buildings well-lighted at night. Use timers that automatically turn on outside lights when it gets dark.
  • Consider motion sensors that set off lights or alarms. 
  • Install motion activated cameras like "Ring" that provide notifications and video.
  • Prune back shrubbery that hides doors, windows, lights, and would-be burglars.
  • Keep your fences in good repair. Secure all access roads with gates or cables stretched between posts cemented in the ground. Make them visible with flags or streamers.
  • Warn thieves that you're on the alert with "No Trespassing," "No Hunting," and other signs around your property.

Protect Your Property 

  • Secure fuel tanks, storage bins, and storage sheds with sturdy padlocks or dead bolts.
  • Keep small equipment - like mowers, bikes, kayaks, boats, etc - locked in a barn or garage or at the very least secured. 
  • Never leave keys in vehicles or equipment. 
  • Always lock your vehicles when they're not in use. And don't leave tools in the open back of a pick-up truck or in an unsecured truck bed toolbox.
  • Don't leave major equipment unattended overnight. Lock it in a barn or shed near the house, or park where it can be seen from your house or a neighbor's.  If equipment must be left out for long periods of time, disable them by removing the rotor, distributor, or battery.

Help your neighbors

  • When you go away, stop delivery of your mail or newspapers or ask a neighbor to pick them up.  You want to create the illusion that someone's at home and following everyday routines.
  • Have neighbors check your property, and return the favor when they leave on business or vacation trips.



President's Message

July 2021

Happy July!  I hope you all survived the June heatwave relatively unscathed.  What a surprise those temperatures were. 

COVID-19 Restrictions have been lifted!  Restaurants are back to full capacity and those that are ready are beginning to cautiously remove their masks.  We are awaiting word about when the Horton Community Center will reopen so we can begin planning our monthly activities for the rest of the year.

Don’t forget about our Welcome Back BBQ on July 31st !  We hope to see you all there.  More details can be found in the Events article below.  Be sure to let us know if you are coming!

More details can be found in the July 'Grapevine' Newsletter (Newsletter to be emailed on Monday, July 5th so check your messages!).  Be sure to let us know if you are coming!

I hope you get to enjoy some time outdoors in our beautiful surroundings.


Leslie Blaisdell
GCA President




Save the Date - GCA Summer BBQ!



Covid Recovery Welcome Back BBQ: Saturday, July 31st, 1pm

Co-Chaired by Linda Fish and Jody Grumme.  
Big thanks to Marjorie Doremus for allowing us to use her wonderful field for our picnic and parking.  
We surely appreciate it!

The North Mason Lions Club will handle the grilling with food preparation and serving being performed by GCA Members. We will be trying to keep the handling of food utensils to a few gloved people. Please let us know if you can help with food prep and serving.

The menu includes hamburgers, potato salad, chips, baked beans, and ice cream. GCA will provide iced tea and water. Bring a beverage of choice and in keeping with our environment friendly “Pack It In – Pack It Out” policy, remember to bring your own dishes, flatware and drinking glasses. We will not have garbage or recycling cans so please plan to take your trash and empty glass with you. The BBQ is free for GCA members and their guests.

If you have not yet RSVP:  Contact Linda Fish or email an RSVP to to let us know how many people are coming. It is important that you RSVP as soon as possible. We want to make sure we have enough food and may not be able to accommodate "last minute" RSVPs made a few days prior to the event - thank you!

Setup starts at 9:00 AM Saturday morning (July 31) at Mike/Linda’s. If you would like to help with setup or take down, please contact Linda Fish.  More information can be found in the July Newsletter that was emailed to all members.




Earlier this year, the GCA Board Members and the Water & Art Festival Committee made the difficult decision to cancel the 2021 Water & Art Festival, scheduled for July 24th, 2021.  The event requires months of planning and preparations by our volunteer members.  With so much uncertainty going forward due to the COVID-19 virus, we were unable to begin those efforts.

To show our support for the wonderful artists and vendors who support our festival, we wanted to offer them a way to showcase their unique, affordable, hand-made items and artwork. We thank the participating Artists for sharing their passion and creativity with all of us.   Please visit them at our Vendor Showcase page (click here) and enjoy the many items offered for purchase.




Call For Volunteers!

Volunteering is one of the best ways to make new friends and connect you to others.  It can also be rewarding and fun!  Please consider volunteering to serve your Community Association!

GCA currently has the following needs for volunteers:

Communications (Immediate Need) Main Duty: Prepare and email the monthly newsletter. Key Jobs: Compile articles submitted by the board and committee chairs in the newsletter and distribute to members monthly via email. (Do not worry we have an easy system already set up.) Needs to be: Creative, outgoing, and have basic computer skills.

Water Festival Chair (Immediate Need) Main Duty: Coordinate the Water Festival which occurs annually on the last Saturday in July. Key Jobs: Lead meetings of the event subcommittees and volunteers to ensure a successful event. Needs to be: Social, organized, and resourceful. Our previous Chair, Louise, is willing to help the new chair with the transition.

Vice President (Needed for 2022) Main Duty: To support the work of the GCA President. Key Jobs: In the absence of the President, preside at meetings of the Association and Executive Board; and if the President is not able to perform his/her duties, the Vice-President shall perform those functions. After one year in this position, it is assumed this person will move into the President’s position the following year. Needs to be: Supportive, enthusiastic, energetic, and organized.


Let's Celebrate Birthdays & Anniversaries!

7/04    Happy Birthday Lynda P!

7/12    Happy Birthday Edward J!

7/12    Happy Anniversary Mike and Leslie B – 34 years!

7/20    Happy Birthday Jean A!


If you have an upcoming special day – please click here to tell us about that event, and if you have a picture to share – you can send it too!   We hope to continue this feature in upcoming newsletters to celebrate these events with each other. 


Let’s have some fun and remember the good times and all the blessings we have as a community of friends and neighbors!


Thank you!


Bonnie Townsley
GCA Vice-President




GCA Summer BBQ!
July 31, 2021
1:00 PM

Click on "2021 Meetings & Events" for more details


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