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 TitleCategoryDescriptionModified DateSize 
2017 7-10 July Grapevine NewsletterNewsletterJuly 10 2017 The Grapevine Newsletter7/10/2017576.34 KBDownload
GCA Grapevine Newsletter June 2016NewsletterGCA Grapevine Newsletter June 20166/24/2016232.74 KBDownload
GCA Grapevine Newsletter March 2015 NewsletterGCA Grapevine Newsletter March 2015 3/27/2015230.27 KBDownload

GCA Contacts

Grapeview Community Association Contacts
President - Steve Hecht  360 552-2868   steve@longtermfinancial.com

Vice President - Stephanie Paulson 360 275-6764  paulsonscv@wavecable.com
Secretary - Sherry van Dijk  360 275-8338   msbvanddijk@wavecable.com
Past President - Patty Hansen 360 275-6221  hansenreach@wavecable.com