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The GCA Monthly Newsletter, The Grapevine, is a monthly newsletter which contains Board news, association activities (Crab Feed, Water & Art Festival, monthly get-togethers, etc.), and other news and announcements to the membership.  This is a great way to stay informed of all the exciting things going on with the GCA!  

We have past issues of The Grapevine available as downloadable PDF documents (files). To view a Published Document Format (PDF) file you must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. Get the latest version of Adobe Reader by <clicking here>.

Click on one of the links to download or view the file.  You can also save or print the files once they are downloaded.

2019 September Newsletter573.97 KBDownload
2019 August Newsletter2.58 MBDownload
2019 July Newsletter566.62 KBDownload
2019 June Newsletter433.16 KBDownload
2019 May Newsletter790.34 KBDownload
2019 April Newsletter877.50 KBDownload
2019 March Newsletter639.10 KBDownload
2019 February Newsletter606.75 KBDownload
2019 January Newsletter523.22 KBDownload
2018 November Newsletter598.00 KBDownload
2018 October Newsletter385.89 KBDownload
2018 December Newsletter484.92 KBDownload