28th Annual Water & Art Festival - One Word..... Awesome!!!

The most frequent comment we've heard about the 28th Annual Grapeview Water & Art Festival is "AWESOME", and we couldn't agree more.

Thanks to the creative planning, superb organization, dedication, enthusiasm, and hard work of the Festival Advisory Committee (whose names have been listed previous newsletters) and the additional 160+ volunteers I think we can all agree that we succeeded in knocking the ‘ball out of the Marina this year’.


  • The weather was “Goldilocks’ perfect at 79 degrees. 
  • The publicity was the best yet and the crowds were large and enthusiastic – maybe the largest ever with estimates ranging from 1,000 to 1,500. 
  • The Food was abundant and delicious with Shrimp Cocktail and Corn back on the Menu and over 110 homemade fruit cobblers were sold. 
  • The Arts and Crafts were creative and popular with the crowd and the artisans were happy. 
  • The new PUD3 public Wi-Fi performed well with no complaints. 
  • The Pavilion looked beautiful with gorgeous bouquets of flowers and the new layout was a big improvement. 
  • All the Children’s Activities (Boat-building, Crafts, Planting Table, and Fishing Derby) were a big hit with both the kids and their parents. 
  • The Golf event drew players of all ages and experience levels and cheered on by an enthusiastic audience; and 
  • The Security, Sanitation and Restrooms operations were well-run and efficient and without incident, thank goodness!

THE BOTTOM LINE: While expenses and income are still being verified, it’s safe to say that our net profit may turn out to be a record.  As many of you know, most of this money goes back to the North Mason community in the form of scholarships and donations to community organizations. THANK YOU!

THANK YOUS Finally, we owe our deep appreciation and a big “thank you” to our co-sponsors and many community partners without whom the Grapeview Water & Art Festival would simple not be possible. Starting first with our two official co-sponsors, Kelly & Cindy Granger, owners of Fair Harbor Marina, who provided the perfect venue for the festival; and the Port of Grapeview Commissioners, who allowed us to use their restroom facilities and provided the space for a bigger and better area for the Children’s Activities. We also extend our sincere appreciation to the following businesses, government agencies, organizations, grant programs for their generous support:

• Taylor Shellfish • Swire Coca-Cola USA • Lakeland Village Golf Course • Pepsico Beverages North America • Mason Transit Authority • Mason County Fire District 3, Grapeview • Mason County Sheriff Department • Mason County Public Works • Mason County Garbage & Recycling • Hometown Bulldog Project for Student Athletes • Washington Festival and Events Association Grant Program • Kitsap Bank Community Partners Grant Program

"Hole-In-One" Golf Results:  Winners were Diego at 1ft 7in and James at 3ft 1in.  Both have been awarded their respective prizes. 1st prize was 2 rounds of golf for 4 people at Lakeland Village and 2nd prize was a dinner for two at the Boat House - Congratulations and thank you to all of the participants!


2023 Grapeview Water & Art Festival Poster Artist - Joralee!


I’ve always loved art. I try to express a feeling of love and peace in each of my designs. My mother was an art teacher and I cannot remember a time that I was not doing something with art. Over the years I have worked with pencil, ink, watercolor, acrylic and oil. In the past I have printed my art in card size so more people can enjoy it.

I came to the Northwest from San Diego with some friends on vacation in the spring of 1988. They had a friend in Shelton so we stopped to visit and explored for a week. I fell in love with the Northwest so one year later I packed up my 1978 Chev van and headed north. I’ve lived in several places: Shelton, Lilliwaup and Union. My art is a reflection of many scenes in these areas.

I have known about the Grapeview Water and Art Festival for years and am very happy to provide this year’s poster.

Best Wishes, Jora


These beautiful posters for the 2023 Water & Art Festival will be for sale at festival - come early as these typically sell out!



Scenes from the 2022 Water & Art Festival!