Disaster Preparedness


GCA Want to Help You "Prepare in a Year"

2017 was a year where many dealt with major disasters and their aftermath. From Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria to the recent train derailment in our own backyard, the importance of being able to sustain oneself after a major disaster is essential.

GCA would like to help and encourage our members to “Prepare in a Year”. As with any goal, preparing for a disaster can seem like a monumental task. The “Prepare in a Year” program, sponsored by the Washington State Emergency Management Division, is built around a series of ‘one hour a month’ disaster preparedness activities that individuals and families can do on their own to be better equipped for disasters whenever they occur.

To get started, download the "Prepare in a Year" document from their website: Washington State Emergency Management Division and don't forget to follow our updates and information on the GCA Website and the Grapevine Newstletter.