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Welcome to the Grapeview Community Website

Grapeview, Washington  98546

About Grapeview:

is located North of Shelton and South of Bremerton just east of Washington State Route 3 on the Grapeview Loop Road (south of Allyn and Belfair.)  Allyn resident and amateur photographer Greg Shewring provided these fine photos showcasing various landmarks in the Grapeview community.  Look for them as you travel through. 

If you are heading south from the
Port and Village of Allyn, turn left onto the Grapeview Loop Road (map) off of State Route 3 for a pleasant tour. Grapeview is a peaceful and serene Puget Sound waterfront community and the location of the first vineyards and winery in the Pacific Northwest. The local Island Belle strain of grape is still bottled under that name by Hoodsport Winery, in nearby Hoodsport. Many Island Belle vineyards are located on Stretch Island although the original St. Charles and other wineries closed in the 1960s. 

Along the eight-mile Grapeview Loop Road is Treasure Island previously known as Reach Island prior to development into a close-knit waterfront community.  The private bridge, a community landmark, was rebuilt . To underscore that the 8-month project is really finished, Islanders celebrated at a bridge party at the Fair Harbor Marina on August 5th, 2012.

The Fair Harbor Marina, (map) across from Treasure Island on the Grapeview Loop Road is,  along with the Grapeview Community Association, the host as well as the location of our elegant "Always the last Saturday in July,"
Grapeview Water and Art Festival (10:00 AM until 4:00 PM). 

This festival boasts a large art show featuring pottery, sculpture, jewelry, glass, woodworking and photography. There is also wonderful food, golfing contests, lots of free activities for children including a fishing contest, and live music!
(For more information please contact Mike and Joanne Hoskins at mijohoskins@
aol.com at 360-275-0227 or Louise Okonek, at 360-275-2542.)

Amenities at the Marina include a new store, espresso stand and a beautiful outdoor pavilion. The marina was voted to be "The Best Place in Western Washington to have a Wedding" in 2010 and is a spectacular location to host any type of event. The harbor and Treasure Island are shown in the photo, and as you cans see, is a gem in our community.

The marina provides up to 350 feet of spacious guest moorage that can accommodate boats up to 120 feet, so when coming to our 2015 Grapeview Water and Art Festival, July 25th

, plan to sail in or drive.  We will always welcome you regardless of how you choose to come.

As you exit the Marina, turn left on the Grapeview Loop Road and drive towards the township of Grapeview. At the corner stop sign, if you look left when you get to the Horton Community Center and the MCFD#3 fire station, you will see the road to the Stretch Island Bridge.

Located on Case Inlet on Stretch Island shoreline and only accessible by boat is Stretch Point State Park, (administered by Jarrell Cove SP). Features include 5 mooring buoys, picnicking, beachcombing, boating, clamming and fishing (see map above.)

  Continue on the newly improved Grapeview Loop Road and you will connect up with highway 3 again.  If you turn left on highway 3 you can continue on to Shelton and Highway 101 to Olympia..

Learn even more about our area and the many interesting things you can see and do while visiting Mason County... Explore Hood Canal(also take a look at an extended list of  Mason County events.)

More about the history of Grapeview can be found by accessing the History page.

For some additional useful information about our local area take a look at ourLinks page.

Cody Walbaum, our webmaster, has created a website @  http://www.masoncountycommunity.com/ and would like your feedback.

Please note:
There are many interesting activities, events and group meetings occurring in our Grapeview community. These events are on the EVENTS Calendar.  

Additional  Mason County Events are also listed on their website.

If you would like to add an event or meeting (one time or recurring,) please type it in the format you want it to appear and e-mail the file as a word .doc or .docx it to grapeviewwa@aol.com and we'll get it posted. We will be making additions and deletions as they are received.  Thank you for your support and cooperation. 

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Posted April 18, 2014

Face Book Page, Grapeview Gardens

My name is Teresa Stone and I have started a new Face Book Page, Grapeview Gardens. Please join us and share this page with your gardening friends! I felt like the gardening community in Grapeview was pretty scattered but that we might like a way to stay in touch and see what is happening in other people’s gardens. There is no benefit to me other than a service for the community. And I will not be posting every day (except maybe during planting time) and am asking others not to post every garden related thing that comes across their feed. Let’s keep this focused!

Please find this and “like it”. I have done a couple presentations for the Beachcombers Garden Club and needed a way to follow up and to stay in touch with folks as the season moves along. This will be my garden blog and you can get reminders of when to do things and see my garden progress over time. I focus mostly on vegetables but have some nice flowers as well.

If you are like me, you do not check Face Book every day. You can go to that page when you want and see what is happening in my garden. Just remember, it helps to start at the oldest post to follow the thread of conversation.


Teresa teresastone@wavecable.com or 275-5505

Special Announcement Posted June 20th, 2013 from Glenn Carlson, Port of Grapeview Commissioner

Note - take a look at:  http://www.co.mason.wa.us/gis/maps/Port_Districts_36x36.pdf which shows all of the Port Districts in Mason County.

Greetings from the Port of Grapeview!! 

We have been making an effort to keep our neighbors informed of our activities. 

The Port of Grapeview consists of a large area. The County website has a map.

Of immediate concern and attention, is the boat ramp next to the Fair Harbor Marina. The boat ramp itself is not marina property and is owned by the Port as is the parking lot across Grapeview Loop Road. Boaters who use the ramp know that it has been in disrepair for some time and the Commissioners are planning repairs and improvements.

The Port wishes to keep the community apprised of its progress and solicits your ideas and suggestions.  There are many hurdles to overcome – governmental, environmental, financial, engineering and construction.  To that end we plan a number of community outreach initiatives to keep you aware of our progress.

One of our major hurdles is getting the word out to the people who use the ramp, while keeping expenses to a minimum.

Here are some numbers to consider:


·        There are 1990 registered voters in the Port of Grapeview.

·        There are 3513 tax Assessor Parcel Numbers in the Port.  When the duplicate parcels are removed – e.g. Green Diamond (Simpson Lumber) which has many parcels in the Port –  leaves 2669 addresses.  Of which 1486 receive their tax statements at a zip code other than 98546 (Grapeview). Seattle alone has 177 and some receive their tax statements as far east as Rhode Island and Hawaii to the west.

·        There are 1068 boat owners registered with the department of Licensing in 98546. 690 in Allyn.

To make one mailing would cost many thousands of dollars in printing and postage – estimated at $2700. Therefore the Port is appealing to the public to supply us with their email addresses.  We have set up a special email address to gather emails from those who own boats or are simply interested in our progress
The list of names will be used at the discretion of the Port Commissioners and will not be available for any other purpose or entity.

That email address is: 

In the subject line put your home mailing address
 and we’ll take care of the rest.  From time to time we will email you our progress.

Cajun Chicken and pasta
Spicy carrots
Red beans and rice
King cake
Coffee, tea, punch,water

Cajun Chicken and pasta
Spicy carrots
Red beans and rice
King cake
Coffee, tea, punch,water

Cajun Chicken and pasta
Spicy carrots
Red beans and rice
King cake
Coffee, tea, punch,water

Cajun Chicken and pasta
Spicy carrots
Red beans and rice
King cake
Coffee, tea, punch,water

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